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Faux Finishing before it was popular

An updated room has textured walls. The floor is a cement slab with everything painted.  The wood grain and the rug are NOT REAL. 

Slab floor with faux rug and hardwood floor painted!

DCP_3745.JPG (30985 bytes) The Homeowner wanted a softer look.  The walls were a two tone mesh and the stenciling was added to the coffers.

DCP_3831.JPG (58018 bytes)

DCP_3633.JPG (40529 bytes) The homeowner wanted a new look for their fireplace.  We started with a simple style, silver leafed, added stone and then antiqued it.

Final.JPG (85331 bytes)

DCP_3188a.JPG (23655 bytes) The Homeowner wanted a different look.  Instead of painting the walls, we added a Stain product over the purple walls.

DCP_3464.JPG (68366 bytes)

DCP_4019.JPG (67418 bytes) This Tiki Island office building wanted all the offices to have a Sea theme.  We mimicked the pillars going into Galveston. 

DCP_4074.JPG (89243 bytes)

Master Bathroom with white cabinets

The Homeowner has lived in their house for two years and continues to look at the model homes.  They had white cabinets and the newer homes have wood cabinets.  I gave them what they wanted.

Master Bathroom with wood grain cabinets

Wallpapered walls from 15 years ago

A kitchen with wallpaper needed an update.  The wallpaper was stripped, colored texture and glaze applied to warm up the room.

Textured and glazed

Title company lobby before - plain vanilla color

The main entrance to an office wanted to be more exciting than the off white walls and doors.  The floor tile was duplicated up the wall and the elevator doors look like the mahogany wall across from them.

After - faux tile up the wall and faux mahogany doors

Purchased in the 60's

Bookcase from local store

This desk was purchased back in the 60's and needed to be updated for a teenager.  The bookcase from a local store.   Below is room with both finished pieces of furniture.

They coordinated well...

Updated for a teenager

Bookcase updated to match desk

Fireplace Before

Paneling Before

Customer wanted updated family room paneling.  Pine updated to the new window mahogony panels and cover the brick fireplace. Below is a closeup of the new paneling on the left , matched stain in the middle and the original color on the right.

Stain comparison

Family Room Complete

Plain walls

Plain white walls into a warm cozy bistro look.

A Bistro Look

Bought when she was 16

The bench to the left was purchased over 35 years ago.  My client loves elephants and I gave her an "Elephant Hide" bench to go with her decor.

This is almost 35 years later